Saturday, November 29, 2014

vampire kitty

our little bunnicula, if bunnicula was a cat crossed with a vampire. just goes to show that cats can sleep with their heads thrust back and mouth opened. just like us.

Monday, November 24, 2014

the american roadtrip

wow. when you map it like that, i haven't seen a lot of the states. one huge roadtrip, criss-crossing the nation should fix that. 

source: roadtrip USA
map yours here.

Monday, November 3, 2014

inspiration board: big trouble in little china

here's my inspiration board for my halloween costume. thank goodness for the internet. and for photos. and all the creative people i referenced in making my costume.

photo credit: alanosaur

and as i was researching on how to put together the gracie law headdress, i came across some really beautiful chinese headdresses. almost made me want to switch gears and make these ones.

photo credit: tony zhou

source: pinterest

source: pinterest

source: pinterest

when i wore the gracie headpiece during halloween, i found myself feeling taller and more regal. and quite enjoyed all that height on my head. i need to find a reason to wear headdresses. and capes.

inspiration board: rosie the riveter

rosie the riveter, a cultural icon and symbol of the strength and power that is inside every woman. here's my inspiration board for my office halloween costume.

source: pinterest

source: pinterest

and as much as the modern rosies helped with my look, it was the real "rosies" from WW2 photos by photographer alfred palmer that i also turned to for additional inspiration. these women doing a man's job and doing it well in wartime.

source: photographer alfred palmer, library of congress

source: photographer alfred palmer, library of congress

source: photographer alfred palmer, library of congress

Sunday, November 2, 2014

jack + gracie

well, that was fun - thinking of, sourcing and creating a halloween costume, if only to spend a few hours in it. hopefully i can find another occasion so that i can wear it again (costume party, anyone?)

it might be a tad too much for lounging around the house, non?

Friday, October 31, 2014

here comes trouble

"which lo pan? little old basketcase on wheels, or the ten-foot-tall roadblock?"

the porkchop express. girl with green eyes. jack burton + gracie law. big trouble in little china!

happy halloween.

a hastings halloween

halloween shenanigans at the office. our theme was living art. i was rosie the riveter. easy and iconic. just wished i had faced the right direction with my poster. i guess i live up to the nickname that molly gave to me years ago - backwards ling

damn mirror image, but whatevs. it was fun for me as i had missed out last year when i came back from china. (i still need to dress up as queen grimhilde one year - if only just for me)

some shots of my colleagues - some of whom really got into it. 

great ceasar's ghost! and scream much?

this sign should be up all year round

with van gogh's sunflowers

inverted rosie

van gogh's 'sunflowers' + statue of caesar

mondrian + edvard munsch's 'scream'

andy warhol + zombie bob ross

'thomas crowne' extras or 'son of man' x 3

'american gothic' gone psycho

my original mar/comms team (before merger)

the mar/comms team (post merger)

the living museum was a fun theme and most everyone got into it. edward degas, edvard munsch, vincent van gogh, rene magritte, grant wood, j. howard miller, jackson pollack, andy warhol, bob ross, frida kahlo were well-represented. other staff dressed as a museum security guard, painters and tacky tourists visiting a museum. 

even the ones who didn't go with the theme got in on the fun. you can picture a witch, a "basic" and a kangaroo at the museum, right?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

who will i be?

when the agreed upon halloween theme at the office is 'living art', the mind reels with possibilities. so many choices. i kept flip-flopping between classical and modern art. i couldn't decide whether to dress up as an artist or as their works.

a large part of it was dependent on where to locate materials, the cost and the time involved to make such a costume, as i was making two - one for the office and one for fun.

i could go as...

my favourite art-deco painter tamara de lempicka's saint-moritz

...or surrealist salvador dali. i'd rock that pencil thin twirly mustache

...or frida kahlo's my parrots, but i couldn't find any stuffed birds though

or any painting from my favourite era in art history, the pre-raphaelites.

i love dante gabriel rossetti's works and i'd just have to buy a black curly wig, crushed velvet and a pomegranate

or another pre-raphaelite artist, thedor von holst's the wish

or do modern and go as...

margaret keane's grant avenue san francisco

...or her rose

course, i knew if i did go as one of margaret keane's children, i'd get nothing but blank stares at the office. margaret, who?

oh, but they'll know come december when tim burton's big eyes comes out.

but this one would've been fun. perhaps even would've freaked some of my colleagues out as they do double-takes. those eyes. those eyes!

well, only a couple of more days to find out what i'll be.