Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

being a tourist in sea-town

i know that it may not for everyone, but i love being going away on business trips. at my job, we have an annual conference which rotates between whistler, victoria and kelowna each year. i got to spend 6 days at whistler last year. in september, i'll get to go and stay at the empress hotel in victoria. not too shabby.

that conference aside, i didn't think i'd get a chance to go on another one. until mozcon came along. i submitted my proposal to attend and was pleasantly surprised that it got approved. i get to be absorb much knowledge about inbound marketing. plus i get to see seattle my way, which means museums and the like. i'm no stranger to seattle, but every time i do get to visit, it's always with friends in tow and that means factoring in what they would like to do/see. (and they're not quite the culture vulture types).

so here is what i got up to when i wasn't conferencing:

a rodent incubus at the seattle art museum

the porcelain room at seattle art museum

xenomorph sighting at EMP

cersei lannister's costume at EMP

chihuly glass roof

chihuly at night

also, asian art museum, shopping, nordstrom cafe, cheesecake factory and a lunch date with a friend and her little kiddo. i packed it in. like i always do.

for more pictures of my seattle mini-trip, press play on the slideshow or click here for my flickr.

Friday, July 18, 2014

you think you know me

no, this is not some strange virtual threeway fantasy between me, sean and another girl. rather, this is our PS4 avatars. or to be clear, sean created the girl in red - which is how he thinks he sees me.  i, on the hand, see myself more like the girl in black - my creation. 

a hilarious disconnect, non? 

and sean sees himself with a fu-manchu moustache.

we had some silly, uproarious laughter over this unveiling. (you just had to be there)

and then afterwards, my onscreen persona proceeded to give him the ice queen freeze-out. 

yea, i'd say that is me. bwahahaha.