Thursday, April 17, 2014

working is for suckers

that is the life, isn't it folks? all snuggled up, sleeping in a nice, tight ball on a bed of cushions. all while your humans are out there, toiling in traffic, making the cheddar and putting kibble in the bowl and a roof over your furry head. suckers.

charlie's got himself a suh-weet deal. but i don't begrudge him that. he is a cat, after all. okay, maybe a little bit, but only when i get chipped away at by work and by life.

but it warms my black, black heart when i come home from work and he's raced to the door (with sean) to happily greet me, being his adorable self and purring like a racecar engine.

still, the day may come when he and jonesy might not be living the carefree life they've grown accustomed to. we gotta put them to work and make that bank. no more free rides.

everybody loves cat videos, right? think we missed the boat on that one? ha.

ps. every time i look at this picture, i'm reminded of chapterhouse's whirlpool album cover?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

tweet much?

10,000 tweets! 

wowza! how did i get here? who would've thought that after more than 5 years of tweeting, that i'd still be going strong? and to commemorate my 10K tweet, i decided to post my favourite video from futurist jason silva. still so inspired by this video. 

and this morning, i woke up to find that not only did he see my tweet, but he favourited it too. 

that's why twitter is awesome. and despite the fact that it's looking more and more facebook-y (barf), it's still my favourite social media platform.

petals in the wind

"spring for ling!" those were the words that greeted me when i came home the other day. and what a pleasant surprise.

as much as i love flowers, we can't have them in the house, as most are toxic to the kitties. also, sean has never been a big flower giver, as he doesn't believe in paying the highway robbery prices for blooms (especially around holidays). he'd sooner pick me wild flowers from a field. and also, he wants to distinguish himself from all the other guys out there, who resort to flowers for occasions or apologies.

which is why i was completely surprised by the 2 flower pots hanging outside the kitchen windows. this way, i could enjoy them (while i'm washing the dishes, no less) and have healthy, happy kitties too.

sean also picked up a little ceramic cat statue for our backyard. and as you can guess, charlie was curious about our new backyard friend.

i even think that charlie probably wished it was a real furry buddy. i'm working on sean on that too. another kitty in the house. just joking. but not really.

wonder if the ceramic kitty will be like a scarecrow and keep the squirrels, raccoons and coyotes away? this is the suburbs after all. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

jane of the jungle

a couple of weeks ago, i was able to make one of sean's dream come true. i got us tickets to see world renowned primatologist dr jane goodall speak at the unique lives series at the QET. 

for an enthralling hour, dr goodall's spoke about her family, life in africa and what led her to her extraordinary quest working with gombe chimpanzees, which was followed by an audience Q&A session. i was wowed by the fact that just days shy of turning 80, she remained so vibrant, articulate and so very passionate about her work and the legacy she will leave behind. i would love to be so full of life when i'm that age.

following the talk, there was a book signing. sean raced downstairs before the final ovation to secure an early place in line. which was a great idea, as the lineup snaked from one end of the lobby to the other. everyone wanted to meet this legendary woman.

sean, most of all. for dr jane goodall is one of his personal heroes and has been ever since he was a little boy. he even got to hold her hand and say a few personal words to her. 

it's always special when you meet someone so inspirational. and it makes me happy that i was able to help set that up for sean.  what an amazing human.

i figured it out

my and my jangly geeee-tars. oh and by the by, why am i not cruising along the open road, listening to this song? it's glorious spring and i'm itching to go somewhere. bad.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

the bimbo is the target

after not going to archery for what must have been more than half a year (!), i went a-shooting last weekend. how could i pass up a zombie night? 

it's been so tiring with work and commuting, that by the time friday rolls around, i'm so drained that all i want to do is sloth around at home. turns out that i'm not the only one who feels like this, which is why the manager have started to arrange for saturday night meetups.

so it's was a pleasant surprise that my aim did not suck as much as i thought it would. my first end out, i shot 2 arrows into the zombie's head. 

turns out that i didn't like the look of the bimbo either. well, at least i saved her from being turned into a zombie.

charlie wants out

it's spring. and you know what that means. charlie wants some outdoor playtime. to explore, to bask in the sun, roll around on the ground and eat blades of grass. those 630am wake-up scratches slash meows at the window are going to be happening every day now.